Lux Lighting is a boutique set lighting rental house with locations in Los Angeles and Brooklyn. We rent, sell, and support a variety of cinema lights and fixtures from Arri, LiteGear, High End Systems, and more. Our inventory is stocked with lights we like to use on set ourselves. Lights with high CRIs, ease of use, and quality builds that can endure the rigors of set life. We update our stock to reflect the latest in lighting technology. Back when Lux was founded in 1998 that meant stocking Kino Tubes. Today, it means being up-to-date on networking apps, moving lights, and keeping an eye out to see what’s coming next.

Making movies is an ever-evolving industry with technical needs that are constantly changing, and our goal is to stay on top of it, see where trends are going, and be ready for what comes next. Sometimes this means being ready to stock a new light, and sometimes this means creating fixtures to meet a need ourselves.

Right alongside Lux’s desire to always be at the forefront of lighting technology, we also strive to offer our customers excellent customer service and knowledgeable repairs. We enjoy working with our customers and helping them find the solution they need to create their art. Check out our rentals page for a full inventory of rental equipment, and call us for any sales and support needs.

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Hans Gelpke
General Manager

Hans Gelpke came to Lux Lighting with over 15 years experience in the motion picture, television, and commercial industry. Originally a member of IATSE 491 in North Carolina, Hans continues to work in both production and support roles on and off set in Los Angeles. At Lux he continues to support productions of all sizes and budgets locally, nationally, and internationally.


Jacob Kile
Director Of Operations

Jacob Kile has worked in the industry for over a decade and he brings to Lux Lighting a blend of experience from PRG and Creative Technology, theater, television, and film. As Director of Operations, Jake manages the efficiency and quality of the products entering and leaving Lux Lighting.


Jill Cobb
Director Of Accounting

Jill Cobb is the steady hand behind Lux Lighting financials. A Los Angeles native, Jill founded her Administrative Assistant company in 2008 and she has been working for Lux since 2016. Jill has been working in Administrative Assistant Services for over 20 years, she’s a coffee person (and that’s all you really need to know about her), and she will always go the extra mile to get the job done.


Joseph Johnson
Creative & Operations Assistant

Joseph Johnson, originally from South Carolina, came to LUX as a MFA student studying cinematography at Brooklyn College's Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema. Aside from cinematography, Joseph acquired the skillset of stage lighting from working as a stagehand for the Colonial Life Arena in South Carolina. His first experience stage lighting being Beyoncé and Jay-Z's On The Run II Tour! Joseph has a passion for visual culture, utilizing photography and contrast lighting to create compelling stories. His goal is to become a Gaffer and ultimately, a feature film Director of Photography.


Jason Ortiz
East Coast Manager

Jason Ortiz is a native Brooklynite who discovered his passion for filmmaking at the early age of 13. After film school, he spent 15 years freelancing in various departments of independent film production including 5 years of union television & motion picture experience. At Lux, Jason drives to support productions & filmmakers of all sizes, also facilitates technician experience with modern products while sculpting his own lighting skill set for his upcoming films.


Katie Gurke
Operations Assistant

Katie Gurtis is a lighting technician, and G&E swing from Omaha Nebraska. Her passion for finding beautiful light in films has grown over the last 5 years living and working in Los Angeles. Starting out on unique projects gave her the opportunity to work in production and develop her skills from grip to lighting. Her first major picture experience was as a set production assistant for Happy Death Day in 2017. Last fall, she worked on television pilot for S41NT, as a G&E swing, and as an electric for music videos for Veronica Vega and Dax. She also had the opportunity to swing for the horror short “The Girl in the Woods” for Crypt TV. She is currently a Lighting technician for LUX Lighting LLC and hopes to continue making films and content that inspire and move people for the rest of her life.


Jerry Rocha

Jerry Rocha is the Lux warehouse floor supervisor, and he loves and respects all the aspects of making Motion Pictures. Working as an electric directly out of high school he has been working on music videos, live events and independent features for the past 8 years collaborating with different filmmakers and continuously growing his knowledge and understanding of film to create unique and inspiring visions. A Los Angeles Film School Alumni he now runs the floor operations at Lux assuring that all your visual needs and wants are fulfilled for your next project. Jerry is a father, cinephile, writer, theoretical philosopher, and musician but above all he is a human just like you.


Mike Bauman

Mike Bauman is the co-founder and owner of Lux Lighting LLC. He has been involved in the lighting industry for almost 30 years and has worked as a gaffer on over 40 feature films. A native of Wisconsing he moved to Los Angeles to attend the American Film Institute. He co-founded Lux Lighting in 1998 with gaffer Jon Tower and a handful of Kino Flo lights. Throughout the subsequent years he began to incorporate new technologies into cinema lighting. The need for creating with non traditional tools led to the founding of LiteGear Inc in 2006 with Al Demayo. He continues to develop and incorporate cutting edge technologies into the world of lighting. He is a member of IATSE Local 728 and Local 600.